Just a few weeks ago on a beautiful sunny day we had the great pleasure to document Kalisha and Jackson‘s beautiful rustic wedding held at a charming Oxfordshire wedding venue, Sycamore House. “We chose to have a Church wedding in Hardwick, Oxfordshire as this is where Jackson grew up and where many of the Curtis family have been married before so we wanted to continue that tradition and follow in their footsteps”, explained Kalisha. “Our wedding was very DIY so there was a lot of planning involved over about 20 months, as we designed everything ourselves. The food, flowers and sentimental touches were most important for us when planning our wedding”, added Jackson. “Some of the best advice we received was to make sure we enjoyed the planning process as much as possible because that actually goes on longer than the wedding day itself so you have to enjoy it too – even when you’re sealing envelopes until 1am!:, added Kalisha.

As a Oxfordshire wedding videographer I truly enjoyed filming Kalisha and Jackson‘s beautiful Sycamore House wedding. It was an amazing day full of love, fun and beautiful DIY wedding decor. “Our colour scheme was inspired by a bouquet of flowers that Jackson bought shortly after we got engaged – it had light pink, rosey pink, peach and light orange coloured flowers all in pastel shades. We created a monogram logo which we used across our designs to tie everything together. We wanted a classic summer English countryside wedding and thanks to the weather and the efforts of lots of friends and family we had exactly that!”, said Kalisha.

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There are many reasons to hire a wedding videographer to document your wedding. Why did Kalisha and Jackson decide to have their Sycamore House wedding documented? “Our friends and family gave us some great advice that once the wedding is over, although we have lots of memories, photos and videos would be the only physical memories of the day so we wanted to make sure we captured our day on film”. Don’t want to regret not having an Oxfordshire wedding video…? Contact us now!

Dear Kalisha and Jackson thank you for having me as your rustic wedding videographer. I truly enjoyed creating your Sycamore House wedding video.

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