About us

We are Alexandra and Robert. We are passionate videographers.
We have spent the last five years working together, but the last decade as a couple. It is our passion for our work and weddings and our knowledge of each other which brings our creativity to life. We know where to be so that we can both capture the atmosphere of the day in a completely natural and instinctive way. We love creativity, and we would love to tell your story as a couple and celebrate who you really are and why you are such a brilliant couple with a brilliant wedding day.

Our story

As well our combined passion for filming, we also have a combined passion for watching films.
At home or at the cinema, we love watching good films and discussing them afterwards.
We are also big coffee enthusiasts – its perks us up no end.
We love creativity. Alexandra loves to unleash her creativity by decorating her home. Robert enjoys spending time in it.

2018 Wedding Videographer | Land of Wonder | UK