Just a month ago on a lovely autumn day we had the great pleasure to document Rainey and Bernhard’s  wedding held at a beautiful London wedding venue, Kingswood Arts. “We got engaged in Oct 2022 and it was not until late April 2023 that we decided to have our wedding in Sep 2023. We wanted our wedding to be entirely personalised to us two so we decided to plan the whole wedding completely on our own. We started with setting a budget and looking for different venues and suppliers on Hitched. We also created various spreadsheets to record every single detail of the planning process, including the expenditure tracker, the supplier comparison lists, the timetable of the day, the music list, the pay dates tracker, the mood board, the guest information etc. We also booked our Day Planner Sian from Busybrides who was incredibly helpful and without whom our Big Day would have surely been very stressful and unmanageable”, shared the Bride.

As a London wedding videographer I truly enjoyed filming Rainey and Bernhard’s beautiful Kingswood Arts wedding. It was an amazing day full of fun, great food and love. “We took inspiration from our favourite colours and the colours of our birthstones. We both love war museums and stuffed animals so we used stuffed puppies from the Imperial War Museum as our bridesmaid’s hand bouquets. The bride loves pirate movies so the walk-in music and the after-party were both pirate-themed. Instagram surely helped too”, said Bernhard.

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We love when our Bride and Groom share their experience about planning a London wedding. Here are a few tips from Rainey, our lovely Bride on how to plan a fun, contemporary wedding at Kingswood Arts. “Set a budget in the beginning – although we went slightly over the budget, it definitely helped us to have a good grasp of our current expenditure and make budget-conscious decisions. Start planning as soon as possible once you decide to have a wedding – we started the planning a bit too late so we had to fit everything around our schedule and make sure that we were always on top of the things. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should start planning immediately after your proposal. You should always spend time with each other to discuss and figure out when you would like to have the actual wedding, or whether you would like to have a wedding at all. Keep communicating with each other about everything and always keep in mind that you are having and planning a wedding because you love each other and not just for the sake of having a wedding – this is very important as both of you could get very stressed out during the planning so please try to focus on enjoying it rather than stressing each other out!”, explained Rainey. “For us, the important things for us to consider when planning the wedding were: to keep it ‘our style’ and not be too influenced by what others’ weddings look like. Both families were very supportive but we didn’t let our parents and friends get too involved in the whole planning process as we wanted to make every decision on our own except taking on board some helpful advice from time to time. Another important thing was that we wanted to make sure every single guest was looked after throughout the day and made comfortable – we also kept the size of the wedding relatively small to ensure this point”, added the Bride.


It was a great pleasure to be the Kingswood Arts wedding videographer. Set in nearly 10 acres of picturesque grounds Kingswood Arts is without a doubt one of the best wedding venues in Northamptonshire. This historical building combines the charm and character of a grand Victorian building with the versatility of a modern wedding and provided a unique backdrop for a natural, romantic wedding of Sheena and Callum. “We decided to have our wedding not too far from where we live (in central London) to ease the guests’ travel planning. We found a beautiful castle located just about an hour away from us in Southwark and it was set up as a charity for the local community, teaching music to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. We felt personally relatable to that as we both play musical instruments and we loved the idea of starting our marriage with good karma so it was the perfect fit for us”, Rainey and Bernhard.

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There are many reasons to hire a wedding videographer to document your wedding. Why did Rainey and Bernhard decide to have their Kingswood Arts wedding documented? “During the planning, we took one piece of advice from each parent and we were advised to 1) hire a planner to help you on the day) and 2) get professional photographers and videographers. We both love taking photos in our free time and also creating our own videos sometimes, and we believe that it is very worth letting someone record our big day for us which we can always look back on – this also allowed us to focus on completely enjoying the day without needing to worry whether the moments were filmed by someone or not.”. Don’t want to regret not having a London wedding video…? Contact us now!

Dear Rainey and Bernhard thank you for having me as your London wedding videographer. I truly enjoyed creating your Kingswood Arts wedding video.

An absolute pleasure to work again with a great wedding planner Sian from BusyBrides.

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