Wedding of Chis and Eve in Bressingham HaLl


love from the first sight 

“How often do you hear about a couple falling in love from the first sight in a real life? Well never, because it doesn’t really happen…but it did happen to Chris. Chris did in fact fall free when he first saw Eve through the fire door a month in to his first year at university. I know this, because I actually remember him telling me about it at the time.” This very moment of the best man’s speech revels how magical Chris and Eve’s Wedding was! And believe us, it was absolutely wonderful. As a Wedding videographers we have a pleasure to film many Weddings every year. Each Big Day is unique and amazing in it’s one way but from time to time there is this special Wedding, Wedding filled with magic that completely gets us and our hearts fill with wonder…how amazing it is to be in love, to have by your side a person who you want to spend the rest of your life with… 

Magical Wedding of Chis and Eve in Bressingham Hall

Eve and Chris Wedding was held at Bressingham Hall & High Barn a beautiful wedding venue situated in secluded Norfolk countryside. With it’s colourful garden and elegant and stylish character it is an ideal setting for a beautiful wedding. No wonder Eve and Chris fell in love with the gorgeous grounds at Bressingham and could see themselves celebrating their marriage there. The gardens provided the most spectacular backdrop to the wedding video and it felt magical.  
“Marriage is two people smiling holding hands and caring about each other, two souls held within one another’s hearts, two paths converging on the same beautiful view (…)” Every Wedding that we have a pleasure to film makes as realises how blessed we are to be Wedding videographers. It truly is a great privilege to be a part of someone’s Big Day and to see all family and friends celebrating a lovely union. What we also love is to listen to the story of how it all began: 

“We went on holiday to Greece in 2017 and it was here that I proposed to Eve. We went for a walk in the evening before dinner and I took Eve for a romantic stroll along the beach. The sky was clear with twinkling stars and we could hear traditional Greek music. Eve and I sat together looking out to sea, the setting was perfect and so I asked her to marry me. She said yes; it was the best day of my life” 

“We love that we are best friends and are both as weird as each other. Eve loves my smile and thoughtfulness and my lighthearted nature. I love Eve’s beautiful eyes, her laugh and the way she makes me feel. Everyday is an adventure for us. When we spend time together we like to travel, eat good food, watch films, be silly and make each other laugh a lot!”


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