Not so long ago we had the pleasure of documenting Faye and Leigh’s autumn wedding at the beautiful Oxfordshire wedding venue the Tythe barn. “We have always had an idea of how we’ve wanted our wedding to be. Instagram was great for ideas. The venue’s Instagram account and our other suppliers showcased some great weddings with a similar theme to ours”, shared Bride and Groom.

As an Oxfordshire wedding videographer I absolutely loved filming Faye and Leigh’s beautiful autumn wedding. It was such a beautiful and emotional wedding! “We tried to create a warm, rustic and romantic wedding. Lots of foliage, greens, fairy lights and the barn itself where we got married is beautiful. Sometimes simple works well”, said Bride, and Faye is absolutely right. The wedding bouquet and wedding flowers were supplied by Joanna Carter Flowers and created a beautiful backdrop for Faye and Leigh’s beautiful and romantic wedding.

We’ve asked Bride and Groom what part of their Big Day they remember most. “Walking down the aisle with her dad to meet Leigh at the other end. It was a moment that had always been imagined and hoped for and it was really special”, said Faye. “Seeing all our friends and family so happy and excited for us”, shared the Groom.

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The location of Faye and Leigh’s autumn wedding was absolutely beautiful! As a Oxfordshire wedding videographer I truly enjoyed documenting the wedding at the Tythe barn. This beautiful barn oozing in character and style and situated in the Oxfordshire countryside created a perfect backdrop to Faye and Leigh’s beautiful the Tythe barn wedding video.”We always had a barn wedding in mind and when we viewed the Tythe it was everything we wanted. A naturally pretty and intimate room where everyone would be in the same place with lovely grounds too. Having the bar in the same room as the dancefloor was a big plus. We also wanted a venue within an hour of where we live so it was accessible to all of our guests including those who attended for the evening”, shared Faye.

Dear Faye and Leigh. Thank you for having me as your barn wedding videographer. I truly enjoyed creating your the Tythe barn wedding video. As always it was a great pleasure to work with fantastic photographers from MTStudio.


“We got engaged in April 2021 and decided if we could, we wanted to get married before the end of the year. We decided on October. Having 6 months to plan meant it was quite full on so we had quite a clear vision of what we wanted. The main things for us were venue, music, food and after a couple of strange Covid years, a really good party for everyone to enjoy”, explained Bride and Groom. “Try and enjoy the process and don’t overthink things too much. Have a set idea of how you want things to look and stick with your vision”, added Faye.


We asked Faye and Leigh why they’ve decided to hire a wedding videographer to capture their wedding: “Our best friends got married a few years ago and said one of their biggest regrets was not having a videographer. Photos are great to capture special moments but for anyone who wasn’t there on the day, a video is better able to share the memory. If we ever have children, it will be lovely for them to actually watch us say our vows.”, said Faye.

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