Marlston House Wedding FILM


A Wedding Film For Soulmates

While every wedding is beautiful, some of the weddings that I create are so incredible that they leave lasting memories. One instance was the wedding between two soulmates, Sarah and Craig.
I was honoured to be chosen as the cinematographer for this incredible wedding, which was not just a wedding day, but a celebration of a love lasting 11 years so far, with the excitement of a lifetime together too. Sarah and Craig first crossed paths as very young children. However, it wasn’t until school where they met properly and became friends, creating the beginning of a fairytale romance of becoming childhood sweethearts.
Since childhood, the love between Sarah and Craig has gone from strength to strength. Their love blossomed by walking the long way home together from school to spend as much time together, to even attending university together. Buying a house together and planning the wedding have also been huge milestones in this romantic story, proving the strength of their bond, commitment and love for one another. As the groom, Craig said in his tear-jerking and heartfelt speech, it is an ‘unbreakable bond’ and a ‘dedication that knows no boundaries’.

The wedding day of Sarah and Craig

Taking place at the stunning Marlston House in Berkshire, the beautiful building and stunning surrounding grounds served as a spectacular location for the wedding of Sarah and Craig. It was a chance to be creative for the wedding film, both capturing scenes in the building to soak up the period features to the lavish grounds and romantic woodland which was perfect for capturing the natural romantic moments between the happy couple.
Of course, with every wedding day, the people you share it with makes all the difference. The friends and family of Sarah and Craig couldn’t be happier, and it was a pleasure to film the atmosphere the wedding guests provided. From the whoops and cheers when the couple were pronounced husband and wife to the many tears of joy that were shared throughout the ceremony, speeches and beyond.
The wedding had it all from a woodland wedding to a country house wedding, the location gave all of the elements a couple could wish for with their wedding day, and for cinematography, it was a chance to build up the long love story of Sarah and Craig.
From confetti being thrown to the family photographs. The supportive bridesmaids, to the party on the dancefloor. The beautiful outfits to the stunning white roses filling the wedding reception; there was so much to marvel at, and so much I wanted to capture on film so that Sarah and Craig could remember every detail of this special day for the rest of their happy lives together. I hope the wedding film, I have created for Sarah and Craig captures every emotion, smile and embrace that made their wedding day so special and so unforgettable for the couple, the guests and everyone who played a part in their big day.

2018 Wedding Videographer | Land of Wonder | UK