“You know when you have found your prince because you not only have a smile on your face but in your heart as well.”
Making their wedding not only a celebration of love or the exciting beginning of a marriage but a full-blown party, Matthew and Henry achieved the perfect balance of a romantic and fun-filled wedding day.
Their wedding day began with laughter during preparation when there were no nerves to be seen but only smiles of anticipation and laughter of excitement. As both Henry and Matthew got ready for their wedding, adorning smart suits complete with matching corsages. Ensuring everything was in perfect position, it was clear as their wedding cinematographer that they couldn’t wait to be pronounced husband and husband.


Ready for the ceremony to begin, the grooms arrived at the beautiful Gaynes Park in Essex. It was a joy to film the rolling countryside, wildlife and stunning scenery that surrounded this picturesque wedding venue. As the guests waited for the ceremony to begin, they could chat and laugh in the courtyard of Gaynes Park, making the most of the stunning views.
The ceremony room was the ideal location for romantic vows as it was a stunningly designed rustic wedding barn. A pianist added to the atmosphere as the grooms walked up the aisle to make their vows and start their beginning as a married couple.
With vows made, signed and Matthew and Henry were officially announced as married, the guests celebrated by throwing confetti as they walked down the aisle together. The happy couple and guests all had smiles stretching from ear to ear.
As a wedding cinematographer, it was a joy to capture all the love that is shared between the couple, shown by the endless smiles, constant laughter and continuous kisses. Making the most of the picturesque countryside views, the guests and couple chatted and laughed with a toast. A traditional band played during the drinks reception creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere.


The reception also took place at the contemporary Gaynes Park meaning all of the guests could relax in this warm and welcoming setting. A live band took to the stage in the magnificent wedding barn for Matthew and Henry’s first dance while all of the guests looked on with pride and happiness.
After the first dance, every guest was in a party spirit as the band brought the house down and there wasn’t any more room on the dancefloor. For wedding cinematography, it was so much fun to capture the dance moves, the smiles, singing and laughter as old friends and new celebrated the love and the marriage of Henry and Matthew.

2018 Wedding Videographer | Land of Wonder | UK